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Family Theatre

Family Theatre shows in London

Child-friendly theatre for the whole family to enjoy

Family theatre

Discover all the best family theatre London has to offer. From exciting first theatre experiences to electrifying shows for all ages, there’s no end of fantastic family theatre shows to explore in London. With plays, musicals, pantomimes and much, much more ready to be discovered, Stagedoor is your portal to the very best of London theatre for families.

Find the best family theatre

Not sure where to start? It can be overwhelming trying to find an activity to suit the whole family, especially in London, where the possibilities seem almost endless. If in doubt, family theatre shows are always a great place to start. No matter what age you are, the magic of live theatre is irresistible, and we’ve got shows to capture the attention of even the liveliest of youngsters, or the grumpiest of teenagers.

The best family theatre looks different for every family, but you won’t be short on options. Find shows specifically designed to introduce your little ones to live theatre, or pantomimes that the whole family can laugh along to. There are heart-warming plays that parents will enjoy just as much as kids, whilst a trip to a West End musical makes for the perfect family day out in London. When it comes to London theatre for families, the possibilities are endless.

What kinds of family theatre shows should I look for?

Depending on the age and temperament of your children, you might be unsure as to what kind of show would be bested suited to them. Luckily, there are many different kinds of family theatre shows to try. Plays based on classic children’s tales or popular books and films are always a good option, as their tried and tested stories have already been proven to capture the attention of young people. Comedy aimed at the whole family is also a great bet, allowing all ages to laugh along together.

If you’re looking for a dazzling spectacle that the whole family can enjoy, then why not try a circus or dance show? Depending on the time of year, pantomimes can be a great all-ages entertainment option. And of course, family theatre in London wouldn’t be complete without the West End, which offers a range of spectacular musicals to enchant theatregoers from five to ninety-five!

If you have very little children in your family, you may be concerned about the appropriateness of certain shows. Most family theatre shows in London will offer an indication as to the age range that their shows are suitable for, so that you can be sure that you are choosing the best entertainment for your family.

Why choose family theatre?

With so much to do in London, why is a family theatre show the perfect day out? Family theatre in London offers an experience that the whole family can enjoy together and talk about for many years to come. Different ages, abilities and tastes can all be united by theatre and families can make memories that will last a lifetime. Start exploring the best family theatre in London.